‘Refreshing style’ is not a typical design style, it can be defined as the design expectation. The spirit of this expectation is to melt into the summer vibes. so are you ready to melt yourselves into your bathtub, and enjoy the summer vitality splashing up from the vapour? If you are ready, please do not hesitate to continue. Three stunning principles for the refreshing style bathroom will be introduced.

summer refreshing bathroom
Summer design case @Coohom

Ingenious Window Design

Windows connect the flow from exterior to interior of your house. The size and position of windows refer to the surrounding scenery. First, Windows are painting frames, from the finest angle to frame the best scenery. The windows’ shape also affects homeowners’ visual perception, and the shape can refer to landscape-derived directions. For instance, the sea extends horizontally, so the window with length: width=4:1 is the choice.  Conversely, if the ambient is forest, considering the tree growth direction, designers will prefer the french window. And as the favourite of youth recently, the arched windows appear frequently, and the curved design is gentle and retro, making the whole room more charming.

refreshing bathroom cases
Summer bathroom with various window designs @Coohom

Bright Colours and Textures

How to integrate with the environment is the core of the refreshing style. This section involved furniture, wall, floor, ornament, etc. But don’t worry, just care about two crucial features: colours and textures. Employing the colour in harmony with ambient, and low-saturation colours will never disappoint you. In terms of texture, as shown above, choosing the color similar to the ambient, as the internal extension of the view. All models used in the pictures could be found in the Coohom public model library.

green refreshing bathroom
Summer bathroom design case @Coohom

Artistic and Refreshing Style Tiling

The proper tile pattern will become the flashpoint across the whole design. Excellent tile design echoes the overall design style. Wooden, concrete…. various types are available to use, but considering the user experience, the tile is always the majority choice. Behind the tile pattern, we can glimpse the unique culture, religion, and customs. Here are the trendy terrazzo tiles collected in the Coohom model library, if you wanna explore more, click the picture below.

refreshing bathroom model Coohom
Tile patterns from Coohom model library

Lately, complicated chores have always prevented us from travelling, but why not take the opportunity to renovate your bathroom and shorten the distance with nature?Open your windows and immersion in the bathtub, summer is right beside you. Summer means vitality, develop your imagination and discover the ideal summer design in the Coohom library. Acting now, striving to generate the special link between summer nature and your brilliant design works.

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