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What is Interior Rendering?

An Interior Rendering is a type of 3D Rendering that is tailored for Interior Design. It adds real-world scale texture, lighting, and shading information for a 3D design of a house or a space.

When an interior designer uses 3D rendering services instead of 2D sketches, the client gets to see their design so vividly it’s as if they are there.

Save Time and Money

Traditional CAD (computer-aided design) program and rendering plug-ins can produce high quality photorealistic rendering. But it requires a lot of efforts to master them, and usually the rendering process takes at least 5 hours.

Online interior design program like Coohom, is a great way to generate and render your design. The 4K interior design rendering takes about 5 minutes. And the cost of per 4K render is as low as $0.1 – the best offer you can find on the market.