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Did you know that you can use our platform to create stunning 720 walk-through tours? These immersive experiences truly bring your ideas to life, displaying your design in a way that standalone still images just can’t match.

Customers and clients are doing more and more purchasing online, but in order to make their decisions, they demand high-quality custom experiences that let them truly get a feel for the space.

Luckily, Coohom makes it easy to create full 720 tours in almost no time at all! Before we get into how it works, though, let’s watch at an example of what your tour could look like:

Excited yet? Whether you’re building out a retail space, home, series of rooms, or something else entirely, a 720 tour is the ideal way to let people experience your vision firsthand! If you’re ready to get started, take a look at our short tutorial here to learn how to make your very own 720 tour:

For more, head on over to our help center to discover some pro tips for getting your tour up and running.

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Now, log in to the platform and get started realizing what’s in your imagination. We promise it is just as fun as it looks!

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