Hi Coohom users! We’d like to kick off the week by sharing some of the most recent updates we’ve added to the platform since the beginning of the year. We’re always working to increase usability, efficiency, and provide a better experience for all users of our power 3D visualization, rendering, and design tools.

Here are a few key upgrades that we’ve made to our platform recently:

  • Universal texture replacement
  • Any assets can be added, replaced, or modified from the Public Library for free
  • Replacing a model’s texture consumes 1 credit from the shooting quota
  • If different assets are combined into a furniture group, each piece in the group will consume 1 credit from the quota
  • Furniture assets that have been previously photographed will not be counted twice

Go check out our new features in the tool today, and don’t forget to connect with us on our forum or social media to share your fresh designs and tips with our users from around the world.

Watch this space for more content and feature updates!

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