The living room is not just a shared space in a home but one of your house’s most frequently used and essential rooms. It is a place where you and your family may relax together on holiday, and it is also a place to host parties or socialise. On special occasions like festivals or birthdays, you may want to welcome your relatives and friends into your living room to celebrate together. At such a time, your living room represents your home and lifestyle. Perhaps that’s why many people renovate their living rooms before the festive season. So, when it’s time to welcome family and friends into your home, your living room offers everyone a warm and comfortable space.

Read the pointers below before starting if you are also considering renovating your living room space. Keeping the below-listed things in mind can help you give your living room a makeover without burning a hole in your pocket. Here’s a look –

  1. Make a Budget – The best place to begin a home makeover project is budgeting. Start by making a budget and explore design options within your range. Creating a beautiful living space is expensive, and you may find that the designs and accessories you like are out of your budget. Fortunately, there are many financing options available for home renovation. Talk to your bank about a consumer durable loan. It is a quick and affordable way to get your living room makeover funding.
  2. Living Room Renovation Starts with Brightening the Room – A well-lit living room looks spacious and welcoming. Use white colour on your walls and for selected furniture pieces to maximise the light and space in the room. Small white elements such as white window and door frames, a white ceiling, white bookshelves or cabinets can also help brighten the room.
  3. Consider Your Living Room Flooring – If you are considering renovating your living room, changing the flooring can drastically improve the look and atmosphere of the space in the long term. Not only that, replacing an old wooden floor or PVC floor can increase the market value of your house. If your floor is still in good condition but wants a change, consider replacing the carpet or adding area or runner rugs to add some softness to your living room floor.
  4. Have the Right Furniture for Your Living Room – It is understandable to want comfortable furniture in the living room. As your family spends most of their time in the living room, the furniture should be beautiful but comfortable. Choose a combination of different colours and patterns to create a pleasing look. Remember to arrange sufficient sitting space if you have visitors or want to host a party.
  5. Add Natural Elements and Invest in Diverse Colour Patterns – Natural elements like potted plants can lend a tranquil vibe to your living room. Opt for a decluttered look by maintaining a minimalistic décor – and you can create a peaceful and lively atmosphere in your living area. Another simple tip to create a unique living room décor is to pay attention to the colour palette. Starting with the walls, flooring, and ceiling paint, the colours used for cabinet doors and the colour theme of your furniture should be in sync. To extend the tranquil vibe, choose neutral and earthy colours to create a simplistic and peaceful ambience.
  6. Go Bold on a Few Furnishings – Invest in one or two statement pieces to lend a bold look to your living room. Even if you are redecorating on a low budget, one or two bold pieces of furniture can change the entire look of your living space to create a feeling of luxury and opulence. A bright-coloured couch will be a good choice for your living room if your walls are painted in neutral colours. It would pop against the dull walls creating a cheerful and fresh look.
  7. Update Your Lighting for Living Room Renovation – Updating your living room lights is a great way to brighten your living room while improving the overall look. Use ambient lighting to make dull parts of the room feel more welcoming. If you have an accent wall or an art piece you wish to highlight – you can use beautiful pot lights to emphasise these portions of the room while adding to the brightness.
  8. Personalise Your Living Room – Add your personal touch to the living room décor by using souvenirs, family photos, ancestral portraits, and cultural artwork. Such things connect your taste and experiences to your living space. If you are looking for low-budget accessories for your newly-renovated living room, check your local thrift store, flea market, or your grandma’s attic. You will find beautiful vintage-looking showpieces and décor items that can give your living room a retro look.

The run-up to the festive season is the best time to make changes in your home and complete any renovations you want to do. Remember the above suggestions to re-engineer your living room and fill it with bright, positive vibes that welcome everyone in. Do your best to keep the living room makeover simple and easily organised. Ultimately, your new living room will be a fresh place where your family will have a beautiful space to enjoy together.

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