Stone is a product of volcanic activity and, after being cut and processed by humans, becomes the skin of architectural spaces. The stone plates present a solid yet fluid sense of movement, and based on this concept, we define this project as “Flow & Sample.”


Hard Materials

Stone / Poetic Flow

In natural architectural decoration, hard materials such as wood, metal, glass, and stone are commonly used. Among them, only the texture and grain of stone, due to its formation principle, present various flowing expressions. It is alive, and we see it as a poetic flow.


Indoor Application

Sampling / Natural Reconstruction


Spatial Order

Composition / Order in Disorder

Usually, material exhibition spaces enclose the space into a closed box due to the need for large-scale display.

In this project, we hope to create a new dimension on the basis of solving the basic functions of exhibition. We cut and twist the conventional space on all sides at the same angle, open up the boundaries, and make various functional spaces intermingle to a certain extent through wall stretching and interspersing, creating a Chinese garden-like viewing order in the ambiguous space transition.

The display walls become each other’s background and influence the guiding movement lines between different angles, making the space produce an ordered relationship in disorder.


Atmosphere of the Space

Emotion / Solid Rhythm

Exhibition design mainly focuses on presenting products, and the space is usually bright and straightforward.

In this project, we darken the spatial atmosphere, highlight the visual sense of stone plates that resembles the actual lighting in people’s homes, and reconstruct the natural crystalline clusters in a rhythmic musical pattern. The rhythm is enhanced by plant-shaped translucent glass to achieve artistic elevation of the products, present multi-dimensional spatial emotions, and redefine the content beyond the functions given to the space by design.

If architecture is solid music, this project presents a more flexible and free rhythm in indoor expression.

About Designer


Founder of Hangzhou Kansi Decoration Design Office

President of Interior design Institute of Pan City Group

Secretary General of CIID Hangzhou Designer Center

Consultant of Hangzhou Young Designers Association

Hangzhou Kensi Decoration Design Office

Since its establishment in 2003, it has been committed to multi-dimensional aesthetic expression. Its works have been selected for various awards and books at home and abroad. CIID Hangzhou council unit.

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