While  the  hustle  and  bustle  of  the  city life  has kept people  away from nature, here  in Tengchong, Yunnan, the scenery seems to make poetry live in the countryside.

The meaning of “Bodu” in Bodu Resort Hotel is to give the traveller a place to stay, while resting their emotion and feeling the pure life of nature.

In our view, one should be humble in front of nature when creating designs, so as not to spoil the  atmosphere  and  purity. These  six  buildings  appear  to  have  grown  out  of  the  Gaoligong mountains. Therefore, we have designed a wooden outdoor corridor to  link them, trying to intervene less with nature while creating a vibe of on the road,  just  like  the  resting pavilions of the ancient tea horse route.

In addition, the different drops create different feels and emotions. A terrace at the highest point of the hotel is a space of many possibilities that we have created: a tranquil piece of water brings the sky and the mountains to one’s attention, allowing one to be in the midst of nature and enjoy the view.

The viewing  pavilion is the first thing one can see upon entering the hotel. It is the area that connects the lobby  bar  and  the  restaurant  area, extending  overhanging  the  steep  hill  to  overlook Tengchong. The  hotel’s  reception  lounge is  more  like a cosy  pavilion for evening campfire conversations.  It combines the functions of reception and afternoon tea, with an  uninterrupted space which allows you to have a panoramic view of the unique volcanic group.

The history of Tengchong is closely related to the ancient tea and horse routes, the ancient charm of harmony as well as the passing on of poetry. So, we weakened the design of the interior in favour of creating an atmosphere that alludes to this heritage.

The dining room on the first floor is the best vintage point for panorama views. Its interior is perfectly rustic, with wooden tables and stone walls forming the major sight.

Above the dining table, the light is cast on the tabletop through the silk, conveying a soft feel of Zen.

Walk up the stairs to the second floor, and you will see a coffee bar, a tea room and a book bar. Each functional area has a different angle of view, bringing different vibes. There are 32 guest rooms in four buildings, where the wood floors and walls with their  distinctive  patterns seem to ooze with time, giving them a soft and natural feel that complements the view.

Everything  in the  design  comes  down  to  simplicity. In the depths of such simplicity, the time seems to be slowing down so that you can enjoy the life pace that only this place can provide.

The most significant thing about this project is not the form of the design, but the value that comes from  experiencing.  By  making  the  warm  design  the  focal  point  of  the  space,  the  distance between people is reduced, making communication more comfortable and natural.

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