The future office design will focus more on people, and Woods Bagot’s concept of human-centered architecture is a vivid reflection of this trend.

As an architecture and design firm, Woods Bagot’s creative studio design contributes to its corporate culture by displaying avant-garde design trends.

The 16 studios are dedicated spaces for employees to do collaborative work, unleash their creativity, and display design works. The design not only maintains the international standard and brand image, but also retains the regional culture.

01 Woods Bagot Shanghai Studio

An office where eastern and western cultures fuse

The overall design of Woods Bagot Shanghai studio is sophisticated yet comfy. The modern space combines both the vitality of life and the working atmosphere.

On entering the door, visitors are immersed in this “creative lab”.

A “central axis” runs through the entire studio, connecting the maker space, the 3D printing area, the materials room, the library, the model-making area, the bar and the two side workshops.

The design team is seated on both sides of the “central axis”, where ample natural light is available.

The bar area at the end of the “central axis” can serve as a place to hold events, such as forums, knowledge-sharing sessions and cocktail parties.

Visitors to meetings and events can easily know how the creative ideas of the design team come out once giving the “central axis” a glance.

From the central axis, the design process can be observed.

The flexible space layout not only displays the spaces of different functions clearly, but also promotes interaction and collaboration among team, giving full expression of the company’s design concept.

The studio uses the design techniques in modern hotels to create a sophisticated and comfortable environment for visitors and staff.

Social areas, collaboration areas, and other working areas are integrated.

The aisle can also act as a multifunctional area. When interactivity and flexibility is enhanced, spatial efficiency and work efficiency will improve.

02 Woods Bagot New York Studio

An office of lower Manhattan ethos

Woods Bagot New York Studio highlights the core workspace that supports diverse working modes of the team, which wins it many design awards.

Additionally, it is named one of the most beautiful offices in the world by the Italian edition of Forbes magazine.

Here, the central axis showcases the company’s culture, products, and teams, while offering visitors an immersive experience of the design process.

The VR zone provides an immersive experience for clients and designers.

Stained wood office desks form the “Central Avenue” axis of the studio, which demonstrates the ethos of lower Manhattan.

Design studios are all about creative thinking. Woods Bagot New York Studio proves to be an example of a workspace with both creativity and efficiency.

03 Woods Bagot Melbourne Studio

Build a shared space for creativity and communication

The two floors of Woods Bag Melbourne Studio are connected by a landscape staircase, creating an amphitheater-like space that allows dialogues across floors.

In addition, the stairs in the studio can be used for meetings, gatherings and socializing.

The large space above the stairs also leaves the two floors visually connected with each other.

“The traditional office space are changing.” says Yuan Wenhan, partner and head of global interior design at Woods Bagot, “Companies are beginning to present their employees and work processes as part of their image, so that visitors can get a sense of their culture, values and creation process.

The new office design encourages employees to have more communication and better connections. In this context, more and more natural elements appear in the office; Hotel design, catering design styles and techniques are also widely used in the office design.

The designer will also enhance the mobility of employees in the office space through reasonable spatial planning. all of which will significantly enhance the happiness of employees. These features are increasingly important at a time when the boundary between work and life are getting blurred.

About Company

Woods Bagot is a global design consultancy with a 150-year history. Currently, the company has 16 studios located in six major regions around the world, including China, Southeast Asia, Australia, North America, Europe, and the Middle East, with over 1,000 professionals.

The firm employs a globally integrated operational model, providing architectural design, interior design, master planning, brand design consultancy, and other services worldwide through collaborative work across time zones and regions. Woods Bagot aims to integrate the highest quality international design resources and local teams to provide innovative and forward-thinking design solutions for its clients.

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