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Kitchen & Bath Design Feature, Which Greatly Improves Work Efficiency and Design Quality for Interior Designers, Manufacturers, and Retailers Worldwide.

The Kitchen & Bath of Coohom’s is the go-to 3D design tool for all the interior designers. Simple yet powerful, it makes your operations in the complex designs no longer a headache. It features thousands of parametric models of cabinets, appliances, accessories, materials and styles, and more, even has the smart AI decorator at your service, the inspiration never fades here.   

“ Due to the pandemic, people start realizing how important that the great 3D Visualization could affect consumer awareness. During the lockdown, people can only shop online, which accelerates the E-commerce growth wildly, and Kitchen & Bath’s been a more complicated design than living room, bedroom, and such, Coohom is well aware of that, hence, we developed this powerful tool to help designers and manufacturers present their best ideas and products with lower cost and higher efficiency. Providing the all-in-one and end-to-end solutions has always been Coohom’s top goal, with our Kitchen & Bath feature, you’ll get to experience the best possible 3D interior design process, we realize your imagination! ” quotes Cook Liao, the Commercial VP of Coohom.

To follow the persistence of Coohom’s ultimate 3D design tools, the Kitchen & Bath is easy to apply and utterly cloud-based, you can start designing anywhere anytime as the internet available, and the world-class fast rendering up to 16K resolution is a superb functionality for users’ benefit, it professionally makes you design in minutes, and render in seconds.

Piecing the photo-realistic panoramas altogether to generate a full 720 virtual walk-through, the immersive AR-like experience would give you and your clients the “ Wow “ effect instantly. Another great feature is the auto-generated construction drawing, from 3D design to 2D drawings with no barriers at all, Coohom also supports many CAM programs, like HomagIX / WoodCAD|CAM, TopSolid, Cabinet Vision, etc.

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Kitchen & Bath of Coohom

  • Complete floor planning with smart AI decorator.
  • Lightning-speed photorealistic rendering up to 16K resolution.
  • Countless parametric models prepared(cabinets, wardrobes, etc.)
  • With immersive AR ability to serve full 720 virtual tour.
  • Auto-generate construction drawings, can edit online and export to DWG/JPG/PDF format.
  • Industry 4.0 interface, directly send design data to CAM platforms.
  • Increase efficiency by eliminating manual disassembly, back-and-forth communication, and off-line data exchanges.

About Coohom

Coohom, the world-leading 3D interior design platform to empower designers and business owners worldwide, with our ultimate 3D design tools and smart Al templates to provide an excellent alternative to complex interior design software. As an all-in-one solution provider, we help turn all your imaginations into reality with vast creativity alongside.

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