Retro Style Showcase: Outstanding Cases from Coohom

What do you think is the most popular interior design trend nowadays? Is it Minimalism, Cream Aesthetic, or Retro Style ? In this edition, Coohom has compiled an impressive collection of outstanding retro-style cases. Let’s appreciate these styles that blend traditional charm with a touch of modern fashion!

01[French Vintage Style]

French style is romantic, and vintage is classic. French retro interior decor, a natural generator of romance, elevates the cinematic atmosphere!

02[Retro Mash-up]

Based on the retro theme, it incorporates various styles. The warm-toned decoration, enhanced by the lighting, becomes even cozier. Accents of green elements make the home more vibrant, eliminating any sense of dullness!

03[Vintage Southeast Asian Style]

Soft color palette, paired with walnut wood, exudes a strong retro flavor. The entrance and dining table, adorned with floral tiles and wallpaper, showcase the charm of the Southeast Asian style, creating a cinematic atmosphere!

04[Retro Southeast Asian Style]

Small floral tiles on the floor, intricate French-style carved lines, storage shelves within arched doorways, and extensive use of wooden elements—all contribute to a rich sense of ceremony.

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