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With so many designs to choose from and limitless customer demands, it’s essential that you have the tools you need to generate high-quality renderings in almost any style. That’s why our all-in-one interior design suite is so popular with everyone from students to small business owners to major companies like Legends Furniture.

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Today, we’re giving you a small snapshot of what Coohom is capable of creating in minutes, with popular design styles from the past decade! Keep on reading…

#1 Get Back to Nature

Utilizing earthy tones, green plants, and colors from white to beige, the Bohemian style brings the serenity of the outdoors into the home to be enjoyed all year round.

Design by @ram_artstudio.

#2 Industrial Comfort

Usually, the word “industrial” doesn’t bring to mind something this cozy. But in interior design, the Industrial style attempts to make the most out of limited space. This is a kitchenette, bedroom, and living room all in one, but it still doesn’t look cramped, does it?

Design by @id_renders.

#3 Simple & Clean

Simple is the new…complicated? We’re not sure where we were going with that, but keeping things simple allows for creative details like the wall and ceiling lines to stand out, and adds a sense of opulence to this living room space.

Design by @__interior.__.design__.

#4 Let’s Dance!

As comfy as this living/sitting room combo looks, it still makes us want to get up and move! This eclectic style incorporates striking yet tasteful colors to really make an impression.

Design by @bilalhussain5135.

#5 High Class

This salon is an exemplar of the Paris Haussman style. Haussman’s designs were developed to indicate sophistication; complexity in design and taste to indicate social status.

Design by @tehaudesign.

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