At present, manufacturing enterprises are ushering in a critical period of development, and the digital economy is assuming a new mission to help them transform, upgrade, and strengthen their resilience. In order to cope with the impact of the digital economy and realize the digital transformation of enterprises while promoting high-quality business development, Midea Group (hereinafter referred to as Midea) has taken the initiative to lead the industry to closely integrate its business with digital tools, thus realizing business growth brought by digital development.

As early as 2018, Manycore (Coohom) had officially established a strategic partnership with Midea, joining forces to create a sample of digital transformation for the household appliance market in China. The collaboration is built on four strategic pillars: leading technology, data-driven insights, direct-to-user marketing, and global expansion with its core strengths in scenario-based solutions, smart home technology, and professional design.

In the past, traditional sales models for household appliances during the purchase of a new home or home decorations often resulted in mismatched products, inconsistent decor styles, and complicated after-sales issues. However, the collaboration between Midea and 3D cloud design software Coohom has brought a precious opportunity for consumers to experience a “scenario-based” shopping experience using a “what you see is what you get” marketing approach.

As a global technology conglomerate with five business segments covering smart homes, building technology, industrial technology, robotics and automation, and digital innovation, Midea boasts around 200 subsidiaries, 35 R&D centers, and 35 major production bases, operating in over 200 countries and regions worldwide. Guided by the “software + content + services” strategy, Midea is committed to building a multi-scenario, multi-entry, and multi-application smart home ecosystem, continually improving and optimizing the global user’s smart life experience.

The pursuit of a high-quality and comfortable lifestyle has become increasingly urgent for today’s consumers, who are also demanding smarter home living and more comfortable home decor experiences. At the same time, whole-home intelligence has reached a turning point. In the new wave of whole-home intelligence centered around home appliances, the key to success lies in the implementation of user-oriented solutions. As an important carrier of Midea’s intelligent living solutions, the Midea Smart Home Store project opens up new pathways for the growth of the household appliance market at scale and it’s highly anticipated. With the launch of the Coohom Store project, two Midea Smart Home Stores in Wuhan are endowed with digital experiences for customers.

After in-depth research, the Coohom Whole-home Smart team has discovered some pain points in the marketing process for Midea Smart Home stores. Firstly, store terminals lack effective marketing skills, thus creating a bottleneck in increasing conversion rates. Secondly, confirming with customers about the location of equipment is time-consuming and laborious. Lastly, different CAD drawing standards among decoration companies make it difficult for store terminals to distinguish, which may lead to doubts about their professionalism.

Based on the pain points mentioned above, the Coohom Whole-home Smart team has matched the core value of the Coohom 3D cloud design tool and developed a comprehensive solution for the stores. Using the existing roaming video template, animated videos can be generated and published to attract customers. By pre-drawing the layout of the house in Coohom and displaying the overall effect on a large screen in-store, it can provide customers with a “what you see is what you get” scene-based consumption experience. Additionally, they offer customized design services for all customers who walk into the store and communicate with them about equipment positioning and selection. Finally, the service ends with closing the deal.

The Midea Smart Home store pilot project validated the application scenario and landing value of the Coohom 3D cloud design tool in Midea’s terminal stores. The head of operations at one of the stores in Wuhan, who also participated in the project, said, “Through this project, we’ve gained a ‘digital sharp blade’! With the convenient and professional design tools provided by Coohom, our customer satisfaction has greatly improved, and the time they spend in our store has doubled with a 30%-40% increase in order conversion rates.”

Regarding the next step in their cooperation, Midea stated that the two companies will deepen their collaboration in areas such as the digital application of stores, and strive to achieve comprehensive digital marketing at Midea Smart Home stores. Additionally, Midea and Coohom will work together to reshape the training and operation system for designers through digitalization, process optimization, and systematic improvements to inspire the design teams. Ultimately, this will truly empower terminal marketing, and help decide the future of the home industry.

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