We’re thrilled to announce the latest rendering templates update on Coohom. All 3 new lighting systems: Big Scene, Outdoor and Ceramic Tile.

New Rendering Template: Big Scene
New Rendering Template: Outdoor
New Rendering Template: Tile

Big Scene

Great for commercial interior design rendering. This template uses a more intelligent lighting calculations for overall (big scene) rendering. This will save a bunch of time for commercial interior designers to customize ambient lights.


Although Coohom is more interior design or home decor focused, many of our users work on simple architecture design and architectural rendering on Coohom as well. To improve user experience for better performance, Coohom now introduces automatic outdoor lightings for outdoor, such as garden, terrace, courtyard and patio.

Ceramic Tile

This new template removes highlights (most time are the reflections of downlights in the bath). It’s good to use it when rendering reflective materials, like ceramic tiles in bathrooms, for example.

At the same time, we have removed a few old templates alongside this update to keep the rendering settings simple and more efficient than before.

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