Big news! Big news! Big news! HD rendering now incredibly fast – images rendered in just one minute!

Coohom has added nearly a thousand new GPU servers,

with a comprehensive upgrade to its AI rendering algorithm

8K high-definition images, 16K panoramic views…

Speedy rendering now enhanced across various resolutions with this upgrade.

This is a revolutionary technological innovation in the industry.

A significant boost in computing power

On top of the thousands of servers globally,

Coohom has recently deployed nearly a thousand more of its

self-developed high-performance GPU servers.

Maxed-out computing power, capable of handling high-intensity computations.

Simultaneously optimizing resource scheduling strategies,

significantly improving GPU utilization,

fully ensuring and guaranteeing user efficiency in rendering.

A major boost in rendering performance

Equipped with self-developed rendering engine technology,

fully leveraging the advantages of computing power and algorithms,

Coohom can render at high speed under the same image quality,

reducing rendering time by over 90% compared to the industry standard.

8K renders and 16K panoramas can now be rendered in as fast as one minute.

Authentic textures

Upon the foundation of powerful computing capabilities and rendering engines,

have been upgraded to deliver high-quality rendering effects,

providing the industry and users with a surprising experience,

rendering more natural and delicate material details.

Comparison of material effects before and after the upgrade:

Coohom video rendering feature underwent a leapfrog upgrade, eliminating the need for overnight rendering for 1080P HD videos.

Today, Coohom’s rendering efficiency has seen a significant boost, demonstrating Coohom’s willingness to invest heavily in computing power and algorithm improvements, showing a commitment to creating a new rendering experience for the industry.

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