Mareeya Ikram

Interior Designer from Dynamic architecture and interiors

Mareeya Ikram is an architect and interior designer by profession with around 6 to 7 years of experience. She has had different courses in urban design, landscaping, and interior designing which interior design attracted her most. As a creative practitioner, she is always exploring and finding new ways to design and express her interior work in a fast and easy way.

Minimal interiors always fascinate me. Using monochromatic tones make your interiors more modern and your room always looks spacious © Mareeya Ikram

When did you get to know Coohom?

For like 3 years I was doing it in a very difficult way and I literally used to take 3 or 4 days to complete one single room in other softwares. But then luckily I got to know about coohom. I went through their ads and found it more fun working on them. Day by day l was exploring more on coohom. Everything is so easy to design and render on coohom. Other softwares take min 15 mins and a max of 2 or 3 hours for high-quality renders while coohom takes only 1 or 2 min as it is a server-based software.

Minimalism. Air. Scandinavian architecture © Mareeya Ikram

How is Coohom solving your pain points?

Another strong point is it doesn’t need any high-end laptop specs___ all it needs is a good internet connection. I’m in love with coohom. My professional life got so much easier and my love for interior just went beyond my imagination. I’m so grateful for coohom and always will be.  Coohom has a very vast library. you just go and select a model of your choice and render a dream in just a second. I hope you guys will try this amazing software and will definitely like it as coohom is FUTURE.

Exterior materials flow smoothly inside the house, creating a holistic single space feeling. © Mareeya Ikram
Less but perfect furniture with good lighting makes a softer and calmer interior © Mareeya Ikram
The main feature of this bedroom is soft browns and the absence of bright colors for which I used wood textures in a glossy form. All pieces of furniture and decor harmoniously complement each other © Mareeya Ikram
Cozy, stylish, and relaxing living room © Mareeya Ikram

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