A story from a Coohom designer to inspire you

Hello, I am an architect in Vietnam and the leader of a small team specializing in designing projects from abroad.

What is your purpose for using Coohom?

Coohom plays a major role in my workflow, I often use Coohom to visualize 3D my designs.

How long have you been using Coohom?

As one of the early Coohom users in Vietnam, I have been using Coohom for 2 years now. Before that I tried a few similar design tools, but Coohom remains my preferred choice, it is still the tool that is most compatible with my work.

Have you used Coohom to design a project? And which project do you like the most?

As working as an architect and being the leader of a small design team, I have done over 30 projects on Coohom. Among them, the first project is always my favorite because it was a turning point where clients saw how Coohom breathed efficiency into my design process.

My first design on Coohom

What is your favorite feature in Coohom?

Coohom’s rendering feature is a game-changer. Within 15-20 seconds, my designs leap from flat plans to vibrant 3D realities. The intuitive lighting tools are equally impressive, allowing me to conjure realistic illumination and dramatic spotlights with just a few clicks.

In your opinion, how will Coohom’s expansion in the Vietnamese interior design industry benefit users?

Coohom is a very potential tool that brings great usefulness and versatility to designers in Vietnam. The platform is easy to learn and use, allowing users to quickly grasp its functionality and start creating stunning visuals.

Have you ever shared Coohom with anyone before?

I have shared Coohom with 20 – 30 designers. Most of the feedback is positive, with outstanding advantages such as easy to learn, easy to model, easy to render, and saving a lot of time.

My first design on Coohom

Thank you Mr. Truong for loving Coohom and sharing Coohom with many users. We hope Mr. Truong will have more outstanding designs on Coohom.

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