Emma Liza Presno is a 44-year-old freelancer interior designer, a graduate of Metallurgical Engineering Technology, a design enthusiast, an artist by heart, and constantly seeking improvements in the skills learned and acquired. She loves to learn many things and aspires to become the best in the field.

——Liza Presno

She never planned on becoming an interior designer, yet have been her hobby to think of practical interior designs since college, and it never occurred to her to study interior design due to financial restraints.

Freelancing is great! It gives the freedom to choose where and when to do the job. But as the designing progresses, it eats a lot of time, and balancing personal and professional time has become a challenge.

How do you get your design inspiration?

I get inspiration for my designs through the practicalities of living. The goal is to create very practical, affordable, and classy designs: Trying to fit great designs in small spaces so anyone can experience elegant interior designs and class despite limited spaces. Every created design has a sense of being personal and unique to each other. The motto has always been; Good interior designs create desirable living conditions; its brilliance makes the desired future.

How and when did you start to use Coohom for interior design instead of other softwares?

I encountered Coohom on my Facebook feed which got me curious. After trying it the first time without the help of any video tutorials, for it never crossed my mind to check, I got hooked and can’t stop designing from the application. The features are just too easy to understand and apply. You do not have to be a graduate of interior design courses to create incredible designs with Coohom. Coohom provides useful, easy-to-use tools that even my elementary kids could understand.

What is your favorite feature in Coohom?

The Construction Tools are the best with the Editors (wall, floor, ceiling, and lighting). Coohom produces realistic renders without the complications of creating one compared to other software. As time progresses, I believe Coohom could surpass any rendering software in its practicality, usability, and flexibility.

The rendered photos 1 & 2 below are one of the SafeHavenSeries projects that aim to give “alone time” peace and relaxation which is the supposed after-effect of taking a bath.

Can you share some of your work with us?

First, it is a design meant to be constructed in high places to get the desired effects of overlooking vast views of the cityscapes.

Then let’s take a look at the standard size for a bathroom, yet achieving both saving of space and experiencing nature creates a safe haven from the grueling world outside.

Lastly, below is a photo of kitchen and dining room designs that aims to create a cozy time with members of the family. This was requested by a Nepali friend.

Finally, it is my goal to create more designs that speak on practicality, style, and class, providing a variety of options to ordinary people around the world with the help of Coohom. Also, introducing Coohom to many communities and sharing this wonderful software allows them to visualize their dream house and make it real in time. With Coohom, one can believe that dreams do come true.

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