COOHOM is an international brand under Manycore Technology Co., Ltd. It provides a one-stop online design solution for businesses and individuals, covering design, marketing, production, and management.

To meet the demands of massive data management driven by business growth, COOHOM collaborates with Western Cloud Data, leveraging a variety of managed database services. By adopting a “dedicated database for specific use” approach, it offers performance and functionality tailored to business workloads, enhancing user experience while reducing costs and improving service SLA.


Serving tens of millions of users, cloud design software needs to continuously optimize customer experience.

As a popular online design software, it offers enterprises and individuals a one-stop solution for design, marketing, production, and management, committed to “making future life visible through design.”

COOHOM brings together experts from various fields to create renovation and design solutions. Its mobile workstation provides rapid rendering of effect images and quick browsing of CAD drawings, enabling users to match floor plans with one click and quickly render effect images, panoramic images, and 720° walkthroughs. The platform has amassed a large user base and numerous collaborative brand enterprises, conducting business in many countries and regions.

Online design services are a typical I/O-intensive application. In the process of COOHOM’s business development, data management has always been a key challenge, with the enterprise managing a vast library of materials and models.

“The huge scale of data and the high volume of concurrent access demands rely on high-performance, reliable database support. Any increase in waiting time or interruption in access can lead to a negative user experience and decrease user activity, which we strive to avoid,” said Wang Dongnian, a senior technical expert at COOHOM. “The biggest feature of COOHOM is its cloud-native nature, so while expanding the market, we also hope to integrate with more cloud services, continuously optimize the application architecture, to reduce user access latency, and improve the platform’s performance and reliability.”


Specialized analysis and reporting help COOHOM select the appropriate services for the right workloads.

To better address the challenges posed by rapid business growth, Western Cloud Data’s technical team conducted a detailed survey and analysis of COOHOM during the selection phase of cloud-managed database services. Based on the business characteristics, they produced a specialized analysis report, assisting COOHOM in choosing the appropriate cloud services for specific workloads.

For example:

Amazon RDS provides managed relational database services for the business.

Amazon Aurora offers improved performance for critical workloads and supports COOHOM in building reliable, high-performance, and multi-tenant 3D cloud design SaaS applications through flexible instance and storage scaling.

Amazon DynamoDB provides a managed NoSQL key-value database, capable of storing and managing media metadata in 3D design scenarios and supporting large-scale requests.

By flexibly combining these managed database services, COOHOM can rely on the cloud’s elasticity and reliability to meet current and future needs.

By adopting a “dedicated database for specific use” approach, stable data support is provided for building cloud-native applications.

COOHOM, as a vast cloud 3D design platform, involves massive data management and various scenarios. The scenarios and advantages of AWS’s multiple cloud database services differ, and COOHOM, by adopting a “dedicated database for specific use” approach, allows specific scenarios to better leverage the performance and functional advantages of the matching cloud services.

“We use Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora to store the core information of the COOHOM design platform, such as the vast amount of registered user data, and to provide multi-regional scalability and elasticity for the distributed online design platform,” said Wang Dongnian. “For the massive inventory of product materials and the huge number of design plans added daily on the design platform, we have adopted Amazon DynamoDB because it offers lower latency and nearly infinite throughput, as well as scalable storage, capable of handling a large number of query requests even during peak traffic times.”

In the database scenario, COOHOM also uses the fully managed Amazon ElastiCache service, compatible with Redis and Memcached, to provide caching capabilities for the 3D cloud design platform, thereby enhancing the application’s performance and the designers’ experience.

Implement a high-availability architecture to prevent business interruptions caused by accidents.

By introducing multi-region and multi-availability zone deployments in their operations, COOHOM’s product team not only maintained database performance but also gained automatic failover capabilities.

Once Amazon RDS multi-availability zone deployment is enabled in a single region, Amazon RDS automatically creates a primary database instance and synchronously replicates data to instances in other availability zones.

In the event of a failure, Amazon RDS automatically fails over to the standby instance, with no manual intervention required from COOHOM’s product team.

Amazon Aurora supports continuous backup and up to 15 read replicas, and Amazon DynamoDB also provides point-in-time recovery (PITR) support.

By enabling these high-availability features of the databases, COOHOM can confidently rely on Amazon Web Services’ global regions to operate its 3D cloud design services.


Provide single-digit millisecond response times and SLA for the business.

With the professional service support from Western Cloud Data, COOHOM has built its cloud-native 3D cloud design product on Amazon Web Services infrastructure. It fully leverages the elastic advantages of cloud computing services and the scalable capabilities of storage services, as well as the performance and reliability advantages of managed databases. This enables COOHOM to easily handle a large number of queries per second (QPS), providing highly reliable support for the business.

“Relying on Amazon Web Services to expand international business, the high-quality network and high-performance managed database services allow our users to experience single-digit millisecond response times. Lower latency means our customers can enjoy a better experience, which is an important reason why many designers choose to complete their creative designs on the Manycore Technology COOHOM platform,” Wang Dongnian stated.

For COOHOM, which provides design services in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, the stability of the service is equally important.

Thanks to the stable services and automated scaling of Amazon Web Services, COOHOM can offer higher reliability for its I/O-intensive online design business.

“Taking Amazon RDS as an example, by designing a high-availability architecture across availability zones, we can achieve automatic database failover, ensuring high database availability,” Wang Dongnian said. “By building our 3D cloud design services on these reliable services, we can keep our product’s SLA very high, providing round-the-clock response to access from all over the world.”

Furthermore, Western Cloud Data has also helped COOHOM achieve cost optimization from the business perspective, employing various methods. By selecting appropriate managed database service specifications, COOHOM has reduced infrastructure redundancy while ensuring business stability, allowing the company to control costs steadily even as the number of users doubles.

As the product team increasingly incorporates serverless architectures and cloud services supported by ARM-based Amazon Graviton processors, Manycore Technology COOHOM has also managed to save costs while maintaining business performance.

For COOHOM, lower costs also mean the ability to offer more competitive service pricing to users, allowing designers to benefit from the cloud’s scale and cost advantages.


COOHOM will continue its collaboration with Western Cloud Data, integrating more of Amazon Web Services’ innovative technologies into its cloud-native 3D design tools, achieving continuous iteration of product features.

The product team also plans to introduce services like Amazon DocumentDB into the database middleware, providing the business with greater flexibility and lower costs, as well as increased agility and a better design experience.

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