“Believe in yourselves, for you can achieve greatness. Coohom is destined for success,” declared Douyin design blogger @Shu Xiao at the User Open Day. He then presented a comprehensive proposal for Coohom, encompassing design interaction, community development, and tool optimization.

On October 26th, Manycore (Coohom) Technology hosted its second User Open Day at its Hangzhou headquarters. The event featured prominent Douyin design influencers including @Shu Xiao, @Pingping Wuqi (Designer), @Thirty-One (Designer), and @BJM DESIGN. Joining them were Wenwen Kang, a principal from a design studio, Yang Luojun, a designer representative from Zhongbo Decoration, and Miller, a representative for rendering designers.

A Tribute to Users: Software is Forged Through Usage

“Thank you to all our users; Coohom has grown through your critiques,” said Chen Hang, Co-Founder and CEO of Coohom.

“In its early stages, Coohom’s tool went through many ’embarrassing’ moments. However, it was exactly these honest criticisms and feedback that propelled Coohom from merely ‘functional’ to ‘highly effective’, steadily advancing it to the leading edge of the industry.

Chen Hang noted, “Software evolves from user experiences, particularly the new generation of design software, which faces constantly changing environments and user needs, especially with the application of AI technology. In this process, it’s crucial for the software to continually receive and respond to user feedback, adapting and evolving accordingly.”

“User Open Day is an important bridge for communication between the company and users. Before this, I was online friends with many users, often discussing tool optimization directions. Through this platform, we want to thank every user for your trust, accompanying us through lows and reaching new heights.”

Growing Together, Witnessing Every Effort

@Pingping Wuqi (Designer)

“Coohom has brought me a lot of additional income,” said Pingping Wuqi (his Douyin ID), who has been involved in interior design since 2017. He specializes in Coohom’s ultra-realistic rendering and regularly shares and trains others on how to use Coohom through Douyin. Many designers regard him as the “pinnacle of Coohom rendering,” with some users even saying he has taken Coohom to heights they themselves could not achieve.

Regarding the commonly mentioned “Coohom renders quickly,” he offers his perspective, “It doesn’t demand high hardware specs and can be used anywhere. So for me, Coohom’s speed is more about the efficiency of the entire process.

@Shu Xiao

Shu Xiao (his Douyin ID) initially studied mechanical design before pivoting to become an independent interior designer in 2020, gradually exploring the path of sharing knowledge on TikTok. He holds the record for the highest course playback on Coohom’s official platform and is one of the early pioneers of Coohom’s realistic rendering technology, often hailed as “God Shu” on Douyin.

@Yang Luojun, Zhongbo Decoration Designer

Yang Luojun has been using Coohom for three years, and her favorite feature of Coohom is its speed, both in terms of process and rendering. For decoration companies, design efficiency is directly linked to the ability to secure contracts and enhance customer experience. Yang Luojun can produce a design plan that satisfies customers in just one afternoon.

@Miller, Rendering Designer

Miller (his design nickname) has a formal education in environmental art, who was the first student at his university to use Coohom. After using it for a week, he recommended Coohom to his teachers, dorm mates, and classmates. Eventually, 90% of his classmates started using Coohom.

After graduation, Miller began posting renderings on short video platforms that recreate scenes from movies and TV shows, gradually building his personal brand influence. Currently, Miller receives numerous design orders from branded companies.


BJM (his Douyin ID) is a partner at BJM DESIGN. Currently, his studio handles nearly 60 design orders per month, including home design. Using Coohom tools, he also receives requests for public decoration design and virtual studio photography.

BJM has thoroughly mastered the underlying principles of Coohom’s lighting and materials. As a result, he has attracted numerous designers to learn through his short video content, having trained over 3,000 users to date. The BJM Studio team has also grown to over 20 members.

@Thirty-One (Designer)

Thirty-One (his Douyin ID), with 15 years of experience in the renovation industry, began using Coohom in 2018 when his company expanded into full-house customization. After operating his Douyin account @Thirty-One (Designer), he started utilizing Coohom’s rendering video feature. In just two months, his Douyin followers surged from 3,000 to over 200,000. One of his works achieved over 3 million views.

@Wen Wenkang, Co-founder of Zhi Jian Ming She Design Company

This year marks the eighth year of Wen Wenkang using Coohom, having been deeply involved in the interior design field for over a decade. In 2017, while working as a computer operations specialist, Wen Wenkang encountered a Coohom user, which inspired him to embark on a career as an interior designer. A year after starting to use Coohom, he received his first significant online order worth 30,000 yuan in 2018. In 2021, he co-founded a company with a friend, and now, the company receives stable orders through the Coohom platform.

Roast Session: Aiming for Greater Achievements

User feedback is a reflection of the product experience. This Open Day also included face-to-face discussions between Coohom’s product managers, responsible for the tool’s core functionalities, and users to talk about their experiences with the product. Many designer bloggers attended, representing the voices of their online communities.

In his daily work, Pingping Wuqi studies other mainstream software to enhance the functionality of Coohom tools, bringing valuable suggestions for improvements in areas like rendering video flexibility, materials, and design. He also offers insights into the integration of various products under Coohom.

Shu Xiao arrived with a proposal, focusing on the designer’s perspective to offer tool suggestions to the product managers. He views Coohom as more than just design software; it should also facilitate designers’ critical thinking and expression. For instance, the tools should not only produce design drawings but also conceptual sketches, enabling designers to accomplish more.

Additionally, Shu Xiao highlighted that Coohom, with over 51 million registered users globally, is undoubtedly the leading cloud design software platform, becoming an indispensable work platform and interaction hub for designers. Carrying the voice of the users, Shu Xiao envisions Coohom as the leader in cloud design software, hoping it will foster a community with cohesion and influence across the entire industry.

“This task is something only Coohom can accomplish, as Coohom is the chosen one. You must believe in yourselves, that you can achieve greater things,” he said, expressing his hope to see a vibrant exchange of ideas on the Coohom platform.

Other designers provided specific feedback and suggestions for various Coohom tools to the product managers present. They also expressed higher expectations for Coohom in areas like industrial scenarios and AI applications.

▲ Product managers interacting with users about product experiences

This marks the second User Open Day hosted by Coohom this year, aiming to directly listen to user feedback and suggestions through the event. Next, Coohom plans to continue the User Open Day series in Guangzhou.

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