In 2024, the Seoul Living Design Fair (SLDF) reclaimed the spotlight with coohom standing out as a captivating star, attracting numerous design enthusiasts with its exceptional product capabilities and smart marketing solutions.

As a continuous leader in the lifestyle industry, SLDF collaborates with designers to offer outstanding products and marketing solutions. Drawing over 280,000 visitors with diverse backgrounds, including interior designers, marketing professionals, trend research organizations, and cultural figures, SLDF brings fresh trends and insights to the industry.

Coohom’s design tools showcased at the exhibition received widespread acclaim, attracting attendees across the board, including students, freelancers, and interior design firms. Many even brought their previously used coohom products, eager to explore their features and experience the convenience and innovation they offer.

It’s worth noting that major corporations like Hanson, LX, KCC, among others, have highly praised Coohom’s marketing solutions. These solutions, especially in the realms of kitchen design and hard decoration, have not only elevated the digital capabilities of the companies involved but also opened new market channels for them.

Industry experts actively participated in discussions at the venue, exploring the current state, future, and trends of lifestyle design in Korea and abroad, making SLDF an event characterized by reciprocal engagement and positive impact.

As a standout among them, Coohom, with its exceptional product capabilities and smart marketing solutions, added many highlights to the exhibition and led the new trend in digital marketing. Attendees at the exhibition expressed that Coohom brought fresh inspiration and momentum to the industry, and they believe that Coohom will continue to play a significant role in the digital era, leading the development of the lifestyle industry.

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