In China’s lighting industry, the Guangdong-based MLS CO., LTD. firmly occupies the top tier. As a comprehensive optoelectronic LED new technology industry company established for 26 years, it has long led the lighting industry in brand awareness and core business revenue. Financial reports show that in the first half of 2023, MLS achieved a business income of about 8.315 billion yuan.

Master Light Source is a new professional lighting brand launched by MLS for the domestic lighting market, now covering home, office, hospital, hotel, and commercial chain fields. As a vital strategic force of MLS Group, Master Light Source has been making significant moves this year: a comprehensive brand upgrade, launching lighting design training courses, aiding nationwide store construction, and collaborating with Coohom’s cloud design software.

On August 3, the Master Light Source Autumn New Product Launch and National Dealers Conference were held in Zhongshan city, attended by over 500 core operators and dealers from across the country. This was Master Light Source’s first dealer conference since the pandemic, where General Manager Ma Yunfei highlighted the brand’s resilience to the pandemic and contrarian growth. In the past three years, Master Light Source’s performance has doubled.

Based on the fact that the performance of non-main lighting and smart lighting exceeded expectations—with a 25% revenue share, Master Light Source “struck while the iron is hot”, launching three new series of modern home, non-main lighting, and smart home products at the autumn new product launch. They also indicated the next step will be to increase investment in the domestic market, focusing on building terminal formats mainly with specialty stores and specialty areas.

However, Master Light Source’s next challenge can be called the “deep water” of transformation. As the product line continues to evolve and market expansion progresses, there’s an urgent need to prioritize the development of corresponding design services and training systems.

Before the autumn new product launch, Master Light Source found that most of the orders lost by stores were taken by brands and decoration companies with service concepts and design teams. “The new generation of consumers has increasingly individualized lighting needs, and the traditional offline sales methods of stores are already outdated,” said Ma Yunfei, “How to transform the existing 800+ terminal stores into digital stores that understand design concepts and can skillfully use lighting design software, and have a sense of design service becomes particularly important.”

At the important occasion of the autumn new product launch, He Bailin, industry operation expert of Coohom’s Whole-House Intelligence Business Unit, as a special guest, showcased the cooperation content reached between the two companies in June—Master Light Source will utilize Coohom’s Koolight intelligent lighting solution, optimizing store front-end product lighting display effects and back-end construction landing accuracy from the aspects of scenario interaction, real-time light effects, construction drawings to material lists, comprehensively enhancing the shopping experience and satisfaction of consumers.

Signing image of Master Light Source and Coohom, from left, Master Light Source General Manager Ma Yunfei, MANYCORE (Coohom) Senior Vice President Chen Zhuo.

Looking at Master Light Source’s latest dealer empowerment system, lighting design training has been elevated to an important chapter, along with the “Big Merchant Plan,” “Profit Protection Plan,” and all-in-one solution for store product procurement, to jointly support and empower terminal specialty stores.

With the characteristic of leading development trends in coastal areas, dealers in East China have a higher acceptance of design concepts. Master Light Source initially selected 100 benchmark stores in East China for training, integrating design with the sales process, and providing targeted professional training courses such as anti-glare and illumination design, helping stores steadily improve design and scene-based marketing capabilities.

Coohom lighting design solution

After completing the creation of 100 benchmark stores, Master Light Source will gradually introduce Coohom software and conduct training in 800 stores nationwide. The ultimate goal is, “Through Coohom’s intelligent lighting design, to open the market for Master Light Source’s intelligent non-main lighting products, build local store traffic and word-of-mouth, and further leverage performance growth,” said Ma Yunfei.

“Accelerating the upgrade of the full-case intelligent lighting sales service system has become an industry consensus,” revealed Dong Jinze, General Manager of Coohom’s Whole-House Intelligence Business Apartment. As a benchmark lighting enterprise in Zhongshan’s lighting industry, Master Light Source has also joined Coohom’s “Lighting Spark Plan,” which aims to empower lighting enterprises/stores through digital technology and local services, enhancing their design, operation, and marketing capabilities.

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