After posting the previous blog last week, the comment section saw admiration, debates, and shout-outs. Some called out, applying for their ‘idol’ to enter the fray.

Some fans also asked whether the ceiling was a drop ceiling, with images included. There were even jokes from those claiming to be Coohom’s wooden flooring and baseboards…

Now, get down to business, in this blog, we have collected works from several “top-tier” designers who have been highly recommended by netizens.


Joe is one of the most talked-about individuals under the #Coohom Master topic. He is extremely skilled in analyzing spatial lighting and producing realistic rendering effects.

Zhao Yonghui (10 years of design experience)

Dawn(a content creator on Douyin, 187k followers)

There are lots of shout-outs to Dawn. His original major was environmental art design. He encountered Coohom in 2016, and for his graduation project a year later, he created a set of new Chinese-style villas using Coohom. What seemed like a trendy choice at the time has now become a mainstream software.

His daily routine for light rendering consists of four steps: sunlight, spotlight, light strip, and fill light. Following these steps can generally produce a plan that satisfies the customer. “Client approval is the prerequisite for being top-tier!”

Niu Songshan(7 years of design experience)

Niu Songshan is a technical-oriented designer who is active on the Douyin platform. He believes that with a clear design direction established in the layout planning, the use of software should primarily convey the texture of materials and the layering of light. There are no fancy tricks; mastering the fundamental principles of lighting is the key.

He expresses resistance to the notion of being a “top-tier” talent, humorously saying, “Actually, I resist the idea of being the ‘ceiling.’ I always say I’m the baseboard of Coohom.” In essence, as long as each of his works is impeccable to his own standards, that suffices. After all, renderings are just a means of communication and a bridge between the designer and the client.

Liang Zhu, former designer at the Hong Kong Gaudi Design Firm, now the principal of Liang Zhu Design Studio.

Liang Zhu is a professional designer whose career has evolved from being a corporate designer to working at a design firm, and finally to leading an independent studio.

“Top-tier design works need to encompass elements of realism, creativity, technical skill, and emotion.” The best designs should create a unique atmosphere and mood that resonate with people, allowing them to feel the designer’s emotions.

Regarding the concept of the “ceiling” in design, everyone has their own interpretation.

However, there is a commonality in the open-minded approach to software, a passion for design, and a commitment to higher standards.

The meaning of “ceiling” is probably about always looking upwards!

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