With its comprehensive strength in the 3D cloud design industry, COOHOM has become an Amazon SPN service provider, providing product visualization services to global sellers. In the future, the two parties will work together to optimize the product upload experience for Amazon sellers, simplify the listing process, and efficiently help convert traffic into sales.

Amazon SPN stands for Amazon Service Provider Network. Amazon enlists high-quality third-party service provider companies, aiming to help sellers solve all kinds of problems encountered in the process of Amazon operation and management. It is worth mentioning that Amazon has set up a strict review procedure, and only those companies that pass the review can join the SPN to provide solutions and services for global sellers.

After becoming an Amazon SPN service provider, COOHOM provides a full set of technical support and services to help Amazon global sellers display their products and simplify their workflow based on its 3D modeling and rendering technology:

Modeling Service: Leverage COOHOM’s expertise to create professional 3D models tailored to specific product requirements. With a focus on universal compatibility, a single model file can be used across all platforms, saving vendors significant time and resources compared to managing multiple file formats.

COOHOM Modeling Service

Photo Studio: As a next-generation AI photography tool, the photo studio replaces costly, traditional product photography, by eliminating the need for scene setup and investment in photography equipment. The photo studio can produce highly realistic image and video materials, significantly reducing shooting costs, shortening the listing cycle whilst allowing a designer to produce various types of product display materials.

COOHOM Photo Studio

3D viewerEnhance the 3D display of products with features like 720°panorama, allowing consumers to easily view product details, change materials and components at will, and even utilize real-time AR projection to achieve a realistic interactive experience. This enables sellers to showcase product versatility and customization options, improving customer confidence, reducing product returns and increasing sales.

COOHOM 3D Viewer
  • Inspiration Space: Immerse consumers in their dream spaces with full 3D visualizations, allowing them to customize and explore product details freely. This is particularly valuable for vendors selling furniture, home décor, or other lifestyle products, as it allows them to demonstrate how their products can be used in real-world settings.
COOHOM Inspiration Space

“Becoming an Amazon SPN service provider is a crucial step in COOHOM’s global strategy. COOHOM hopes to collaborate with more ecosystem partners to accelerate the digitalization process of enterprises. ” Said Liao Xi, Vice President of COOHOM. In addition, COOHOM has also joined Amazon Web Services’ Partner Network (APN). In the future, based on its deep technical accumulation in cloud design and AI intelligence, COOHOM will provide Amazon sellers with more secure, high-quality and comprehensive technical support and services.