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It’s a time of great change in many industries, as customers are demanding more ways to shop online than ever before. Not just for the latest tech gadgets on the biggest e-commerce sites, but also for major purchases like furniture, interior design solutions, remodeling packages, and even homes.

It was once taken as a given that customers would seek out in-person consultations, viewings, and live walk-through samples before even considering these types of investments. Currently, however, pandemic precautions and the difficulties of travel, combined with advancements in digital sales technologies, have shifted a majority of pre-purchase decisions online.

Amidst the opportunities, one of the challenges of this new paradigm is that customers are demanding high-quality visual experiences that get as close to a showroom or live demonstration as possible. The traditional solution to this is high-quality photography, but what does that involve?


  • Set pieces and travel costs
  • Hiring a third-party imaging service if necessary
  • Significant time for company personnel or a third-party team
  • Rendering costs and significant wait times to produce a final product

All the while, interested customers are forced to wait to engage with the visual experiences they need to help them commit to a decision. 

Many organizations today simply don’t see a better way to give their customers the best pre-purchase service possible within an acceptable time frame. In fact, we’re aware of a company that, before encountering our technology, was planning to spend over $400k on building and photographing a complete demo property. 

Obviously, this is unsustainable, and that’s where Coohom’s Photo Studio has stepped in to help. Photo Studio produces gorgeous 4K, photorealistic rendings of any product in minutes, and offers numerous features to make the process as smooth and high-quality as possible. All while using only a fraction of the resources that traditional photography solutions require.

Photo Studio is a complete imaging suite on the cloud, which includes:

  • 1,000+ scene templates, and support for total customization
  • Inclusion of your own branded products in almost any scene imaginable
  • Professional yet easy-to-use lighting and camera settings
  • Video and even 720 virtual tours generated from your images in minutes
  • 1 day maximum turnaround time on any 4K rendering with powerful cloud technology

From the scene, setting, lighting, subject, and virtually everything you can imagine having access to on a full studio set; it all exists within Photo Studio. And it all gets done within less than a day, at less than 20% of the cost of traditional photography.

Get started imagining your perfect demo settings; and where to invest your massive savings, then reach out to us here. We’re ready to walk you through a customized solution that brings your company into 2021—and leaves cumbersome traditional photography in the rearview mirror forever.

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