How much do you know about the answer to the question “How can small content creators with less than a thousand fans make money through Youtube?” Our Affiliate Program can immediately provide you with proven variants and, more importantly, practical advice and tips. Today, we will tell you the success story of a rising star in Youtube content creator-Elhaddi Amina, who knows how to attract viewers with high-quality and interesting content. We are sure that this approach is worth it: eye-catching + practical = an ideal content combination. If you are also a design content creator who has not found a suitable way to increase fans and realize income, please enjoy today’s story!

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📌 A case study is not a template. It’s instead your inspiration for scoring even more impressive goals.
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About Elhaddi Amina–Creator of the Youtube Channel “Everything design”

Hi, I`m Elhaddi Amina, I come from an academic background in English literature, having pursued a Bachelor’s degree in English. Following that, I transitioned into the corporate world, where I gained valuable experience in various roles. However, my passion for interior design eventually led me to explore this field further. I decided to enhance my skills by pursuing online courses in interior design, which allowed me to combine my creative interests with my professional expertise. This journey has been incredibly fulfilling, and I’m excited to continue growing in the world of interior design. I created my YouTube channel everthingdesign, which I hope is a space where I can share my expertise and views on architecture, interior design and furniture. 

How and when did you first come to know about Coohom? What is your reason for promoting us?

Well, it’s quite serendipitous, really. I stumbled upon Coohom over a year ago during a particularly challenging time in my quest to find the perfect software to elevate my interior design projects. As fate would have it, Coohom seemed to magically appear, almost like a gift at just the right moment. Since then, it has been an indispensable tool in my arsenal, revolutionizing the way I bring my design visions to life and showcase my work to clients. At the same time, I discovered the Coohom Affiliate Program, and I am very happy to recommend such an all-round software to my visitors, and I can also gain benefits. For Join as affiliate, the necessary condition is that you visit the Coohom affiliate join link and submit an application. Click “Become a Partner” now to register and fill out the required information to ensure your account is approved. 

How did you start promoting after joining the Coohom affiliate? What did you gain? 

Upon joining the Coohom affiliate program, I strategically utilized my YouTube channel and social media platforms to showcase Coohom’s features in a simplified manner, either by adding a link in the description box or creating short videos to let the audience see what Coohom offers. To my delight, the response from my audience exceeded expectations, resulting in increased engagement and subscriptions. This not only led to tangible gains in affiliate commissions but also strengthened my connection with the design community. Grateful for the opportunity, I am eager to continue my journey with Coohom, contributing to its growth and success.

I summarize a few tips for new YouTubers to start affiliates, hoping to help you:
📌 Apply for additional exclusive discount codes
For example, my code name is “everythingdesign”, which is the same as my YouTube account name, which is very memorable while offering discounts.
P.S. To apply for an affiliate code, please contact
📌 Accurately place discount card points in the video
As you know, visitors may encounter upgrade ads when accessing certain features. At this time, you provide discount codes at the right time. Think about its role.

If there are other Small YouTubers who want to start an affiliate program, can you please provide some advice?

Venturing into affiliate programs can be a rewarding journey for fellow creators aiming to broaden their reach. Start by affiliating yourself with products or services that deeply resonate with your brand identity and principles. Authenticity plays a pivotal role in building trust and credibility with your audience. Focus on forging genuine connections through compelling and informative content. Nurturing a loyal following lays the groundwork for fruitful affiliate collaborations. Persistence and patience are key; success in affiliate marketing requires dedicated effort over time and your effort will pay off sooner than you think. Remember, it’s not just about endorsing products; it’s about fostering meaningful connections and enriching your audience’s experiences. From a content creation perspective, you not only need to teach your knowledge as much as possible to create value, but also need to keep up with the hot memes and headlines to attract the audience’s interest, while grasping the balance between the products you need to promote and the audience users, which is a long-term task.

Amina concluded the interview by saying, “I extend my appreciation to Coohom for their outreach and unwavering trust, which has been a great support throughout this journey. Their partnership has been invaluable, and I am deeply grateful for their assistance. I look forward to nurturing and expanding this partnership, as together, we aspire to reach greater heights of success and innovation.” In fact, we are committed to discovering emerging content creators and designers to spread their design skills. We believe that small communicators are also an important part of Coohom Affiliate. Even if you don’t know anything and just like Coohom, we also look forward to helping you gain something from this journey. After all, interest is the best teacher!

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