Recently, the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), the largest kitchen and bath design industry event in North America held in Las Vegas. Hosted by the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), the show has attracted global leading home furnishing brands and top designers, with a cumulative number of over 40,000 attendees. This year, the number of exhibitors set a new record in the show’s 60-year history, with countless new industry trends and cutting-edge technologies from hundreds of exhibitors worldwide.

COOHOM, Manycore Technology’s design platform for overseas users, made a strong appearance at the exhibition with its Kitchen and Bathroom Design Tool and the digital marketing solution – Inspiration Spaces. The robust solutions took the center stage and attracted many designers and home furnishing professionals to stop and stay.

COOHOM has reportedly made significant innovations in the kitchen and bathroom design experience for the North American market. Designers can quickly create design project and generate high-quality renderings, while easily manage the 3D product catalog with real-time updates on products and pricing, effectively reducing costs and significantly improving efficiency. The Kitchen and Bathroom Design Tool can also seamlessly integrate with ERP/CRM, CAD/CAM and other systems, streamlining the overall workflow.

Coohom Team at KBIS 2024

For marketing scenarios, COOHOM’s Inspirational Space supports personalized project customization, efficient output of photo-realistic images, videos and VR walkthroughs. This allows designers to better showcase their creative designs and attract potential customers.

The participation in the North American Kitchen & Bath Industry Show is just one of the many steps Manycore Technology has taken to accelerate its globalization strategy. Since the beginning of 2024, COOHOM has appeared at major international industry expos, including the Seoul Living Design Fair, Hawa Expo, Malaysian International Furniture Fair, and Indiawood, continuously enhancing its influence in the global home furnishing industry.

COOHOM staff demonstrating at the Seoul Living Design Fair

For home furnishing companies, digital transformation is a necessary strategic choice to improve market competitiveness. At the 2024 Seoul Living Design Fair, leading home furnishing companies from South Korea, including Hanssem, LX Hausys and KCC, all spoke highly of COOHOM’s digital marketing solutions. Hanssem said that COOHOM can well meet the needs of enterprises in both kitchen design and hard decoration. In the era of digital transformation, the two parties will join hands to lead the continuous innovation of the home design industry.

Currently, COOHOM serves over 200 countries and regions. Ashley, notable North American home furnishing brand, Hanssem, one of the world’s top three home furnishing giants from Korea, and Panasonic, the well-known Japanese home appliance brand are among COOHOM’s corporate clients. It is reported that a leading North American K&B brand has utilized COOHOM’s Inspirational Space to showcase customized, interactive design solutions, significantly increasing sales efficiency with a lead conversion rate of up to 72%.

Meanwhile, COOHOM is actively leveraging its digital ability to assist Chinese home furnishing companies and cross-border e-commerce enterprises in effectively expanding overseas. With product capabilities like 3D viewer and Photo & Video Studio, COOHOM is dedicated to helping these companies better tap into overseas markets and seize business opportunities.

A major cross-border e-commerce retailer in China completed the upgrade of its website display and marketing strategies in early last year after cooperating with COOHOM. With the aid of COOHOM’s e-commerce solutions, the company’s image production efficiency increased by 200%, and each employee can output more than 60 sets of product studio shooting materials per month. It is worth mentioning that the COOHOM 3D Viewer function has driven the the website sales of various product categories, greatly improved the browsing time and conversion rate.

Since its inception, Manycore Technology has positioned itself as a global enterprise. In advancing its globalization strategy, Manycore Technology leverages its expertise in digital technology and cloud design to encourage more home furnishing companies in China and globally to embrace digitalization, aiding to achieve the “What You See is What You Get” experience in the global home furnishing sector.

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