On July 26th, 2023, Zowee Soft and Coohom held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony. The two parties will foster open interconnectivity and work together to create a full digital production loop for home furnishing companies, from design to manufacturing and delivery. This collaboration aims to help home furnishing companies reduce costs and increase efficiency, enhancing their “digital intelligence” capabilities.

Fourth from left: Chen Hang, Co-founder and CEO of Coohom
Fourth from right: Wu Feng, Chairman of Zowee Soft

The home furnishing industry is entering a new phase of digital technology upgrades and iterations. As the home furnishing industry awakens to the importance of digital transformation, there’s a significant shift from traditional reliance on resources and low-cost labor to a more technology-driven approach, resulting in a faster and more efficient workflow across various sectors.

Breaking information silos and eliminating upstream and downstream barriers, creating value through open cooperation, will be the future pattern of the home furnishing industry and it aligns with the current development needs of home furnishing companies.

Focusing on design, Coohom specializes in front-end design, while for mid and back-end production issues, it chooses to link and cooperate with CRM, ERP, order splitting software, etc., providing front and back-end docking services for the home furnishing industry. This approach effectively safeguards against the potential leakage of core data within home furnishing companies.

This cooperation marks that Coohom and Zowee Soft will promote the interconnectivity of design and production data, providing home furnishing companies with a full digital solution from design to production. By integrating design, ordering, order splitting, scheduling, and other processes, home furnishing companies will achieve seamless front and back-end integration under the joint empowerment of Coohom and Zowee Soft. This will optimize the production process, transitioning towards intelligent manufacturing, better adapting to the changes of the times and meeting consumer needs.

For twenty years, Zowee Soft has focused on large-scale flexible customization and full-link digital transformation, establishing a full-category, full-business chain digital system service for customized home furnishings and integrated home companies. It provides solutions such as the Custom Product Data Management Platform [D-PDM], Custom Home Furnishing Precision System, Front and Back-End Integrated Data Platform, Industrial Material Data Analysis System, Equipment Data Cloud Platform, Material Cloud Optimization System, and Advanced Plan Scheduling APS. It currently serves top home furnishing companies like ARROW, ZBOM, Pianor, Zhumei Home, Nature Home, MACIO CASA, Tucson , Vifa, ROSERY, and many other small and medium-sized custom home furnishing companies.

“Zowee Soft has long been successful in leveraging digital transformation to help home furnishing companies overcome challenges in precise delivery. Over the years, Zowee Soft has continuously innovated and developed its technology, creating a dual-solution matrix comprising ‘Large-Scale Customized Integrated Solutions’ and ‘Small-Scale Standard Integrated Solutions,'” says Wu Feng, founder of Zowee Soft. He believes that partnering with industry-specific ecological software to provide digital services to home furnishing companies is the future trend.

Coohom has always focused on AI technology and its application in home design, working with ecological partners to explore the technological path of the home furnishing industry. It is committed to providing home furnishing companies with a low-cost, high-efficiency, growth-promoting digital upgrade solution. “Looking at the entire history of the technology industry, we will realize that openness, ecology, and win-win cooperation are the future,” says Chen Hang, Co-founder and CEO of Coohom. Coohom consistently strives to build an open and collaborative ecological system to maximize the value of digital transformation and activate industry benefits.

The home furnishing industry has a complex chain of processes, and it’s impossible to advance the entire industry single-handedly. Based on the fundamental digital development of the home furnishing industry, with digital technology as the foundation and open interconnectivity as the core, Coohom and Zowee Soft will break down the walls between front and back-end technology. They will deeply integrate and jointly provide a solution suitable for the industry’s digital transformation, meeting the needs of home furnishing companies at different scales and stages of development. This collaboration will help home furnishing companies overtake in the new round of transformation, jointly promoting the automation, digital transformation, and the transformation driven by information technology in the home furnishing industry.

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