“When using Coohom I can render as many views as I wanted with a limited time and there are more user-friendly settings that I can use for the final outcome of the rendered views”

Kennette Ann Ditablan, Freelance Architect from the Philippines

Who are you?

My name is Kennette Ann Ditablan and you can call me K-net for short. I graduated with of Bachelor of Science in Architecture in 2005 from Far Eastern University (FEU) Manila. Got my license in Architecture in 2014 and have worked both locally and abroad in various positions such as AutoCAD Designer, Façade Designer, Architectural Coordinator, and CAD Technician. My exposure to international architecture started way back in 2009 in Singapore up to 2013 and continued in Macau from 2014 to the first half of 2016.

When I came back home in 2016, I managed to work as a freelance Architect in different fields of architecture like Interior design and structural, and electrical. Currently, an active member of the United Architects of the Philippines and have been the Chapter Secretary in UAP Manila Centrum from 2017 to 2020. She is also an academic consultant serving as a jury and adviser to graduating architecture students from FEU. In my leisure time, I also do paintings with acrylic and watercolor as a medium.

What are the difficulties to work as a freelancer architect?

Based on my experience, the first thing is how to get a client. You can only be lucky enough if the people around you know you and will refer you for working in your field of service. The second thing is when you get the client is how you will impress them to showcase your designs like your rendering skills and planning when proposing a design in a specific project. Lastly is how you promote your services since social media is one significant factor in promoting any kind of service. I think I am lacking some techniques that others do in how they promote their services.

How do you get your design inspiration?

Working on the design phase is I think the most difficult part. You need to do some conceptualizations and mood images like pictures that I usually search on the net for some inspiration. Then from that after gathering that information I work on my design conceptualizations which really helps a lot on the process of designing.

How does Coohom help you with your work?

As I remember I started using Coohom just this year around March or April of 2022, I saw Coohom on Facebook and got curious and from then on, I started using Coohom.

Coohom helps me on saving a lot of time while rendering. Since my computer does not have the highest RAM for rendering softwares, it’s only limited on the time when I am rendering and it takes a lot of time to work on 1 frame like 30mins or hours of waiting time for it to render and much worst experience is when I used to leave my computer open while it generates and just gets back to it the other day. When using Coohom I can render as many views as I wanted with a limited time and there are more user-friendly settings that I can use for the final outcome of the rendered views.

What is your favorite feature in Coohom, and what are you expecting for the future?

I think almost all of the features in Coohom are really amazing. I loved it all especially when every time they upgraded some settings or some features that gets better and better to produce a good render.

My expectation is for it to continue its good features that they keep on introducing more features in the future that will sustain the most recent thing or in demand in the rendering business.

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