Use Instagram traffic to earn? Well, we know this is an eternal topic. But using the same Instagram video to make a steady stream of money? We know a guy who does it, and he does it well. In this case study, we delve into how an Instagram star Vrishti Design(also referred to as Sunli) forge a successful partnership with Coohom and relied on his 1.7M fans to earn substantial profits through Coohom’s affiliate program.Now we’re going to share some of his great strategies and moves with you so you can apply them to your next successful affiliate marketing campaign.

Before you jump in, we advise keeping a few moments in mind.

📌 case study is not template. It can instead your inspiration for scoring impressive goals.
📌 Once you’re in an affiliate network, please feel free to ask for assistance from the affiliate manager – communication is the key to success.
📌 Every traffic or visitor is unique, and — as our guest expert has proved — you can find your golden traffic key and discount tweaks to start your own affiliate.

About Vrishti Design(Sunli)

Meet our partners first! Vrishti Design is a dynamic design startup dedicated to crafting captivating and functional spaces. With a passion for innovation and an eye for detail, they specialize in curating beautiful environments that inspire and delight. Now Vrishti Design become a popular Instagram star, attracting over 1.7 million followers with his unique design concepts and high-quality content. Sunli, as the founder of Vrishti Design and a design enthusiast, he was on the lookout for a tool that could streamline the design process and enhance efficiency. Fortunately, he stumbled upon Coohom and quickly became one of its loyal users. He realized that by promoting Coohom, he could not only earn additional income for himself but also align with his passion for design, offering greater value to his followers.

⚠️Attention: To facilitate understanding, our cases will be told from the first-person perspective.

The first tip for monetizing affiliate traffic on Instagram: you need an exclusive discount code

The necessary condition is that you visit the Coohom affiliate join link and submit an application. Click “Become a Partner” now to register and fill out the required information to ensure your account is approved. Then you will receive exclusive promotional links and marketing backend for promoting Coohom products. I know untill this part you definitely familiar! Here comes the key point, the first tip to monetize affiliate traffic on Instagram: in addition to the common affiliate link, you need to apply for an additional exclusive discount code. For example, my code is called “Vrishti”, which is the same as my Instagram account name. It allows my followers to clearly know that this is a benefit offer that belongs to us. Compared with pure advertising, this is a better marketing methods to increase trust. Think about it, your follower meets a product that interests him, and then he discovers that your code with the same name can have more discounts. Why doesn’t this make him excited?
P.S. To apply for an affiliate code, please contact

Sincere promotional content and domain professionalism are essential

Maybe you don’t have many fans, don’t feel bad! Sincere and professional promotional content may help you save a lot. In other words, you can’t recommend simply for the sake of advertising. You need to understand your followers’ preferences and incorporate them into promotional content, while at the same time meeting the recommendation nature of advertising. This is not a simple matter. So I knew that my followers were the audience of Coohom. I combined the style of past videos with the characteristics of Coohom software, and linked it with Coohom Instagram to publish the video content that I thought best suited our styles. Here I recommend publishing reels, which have the advantage of being able to bring links. Then you must share your exclusive code in the video and comment area of Instagram reels. This is also the first point says. We hope to let followers know that we have an official cooperation discount code at the right time, so that it is easier to get orders.

Adjust the next affiliate promotion plan at any time based on video data feedback

After the affiliate promotion content is published, you don’t just wait to collect money. You need to pay attention to the engagement data (views/comments/likes) of the content at any time to know how your followers feel about such content. Look at my data, I can tell based on the comments that they are very interested, which is important! Because the main premise for you to get commissions is that your content is useful for your audience. And you can also clearly see any data in Coohom affiliate backend: clicks/actions/revenue, etc. Adjust the next affiliate promotion plan at any time based on video feedback and background data.

Sunli of Vrishti Design shared his Coohom designs on Instagram, offering personal endorsements and advice based on his experience. His sincerity and professionalism have earned him the trust and recognition of his followers, prompting many to sign up for a Coohom Pro subscription using his referral link and exclusive code. As a Coohom partner, Vrishti Design earns a steady stream of commissions, which not only increases his income but also strengthens trust and engagement with his followers. After reading this article and Vrishti Design’s case sharing, join Coohom affiliate to earn your extra income using Instagram traffic! 

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