Established Flooring Enterprise Transforms into High-End Customization, Pioneering Market Expansion

Suzhou David Wood Industry Co., Ltd. started from flooring and has been established for 25 years. The group’s three major brands, David Flooring, David Amati Wooden Doors, and XIFF Custom Whole House, stand strong together. To date, David has exported to more than 30 countries and regions and has over 1,200 independent and unified brand franchise stores in China.

XIFF Whole House visualization

In 2017, the XIFF 4-story modern industrial plant was completed, with a total investment of 120 million yuan and a construction area of 40,000 square meters. A substantial investment was made to introduce the fully automatic production line of Italian SCM Industrial 4.0, making it the first fully connected automatic line domestically.

Upgrading the cooperation with Coohom will be pivotal for XIFF’s next growth phase.

Facing a highly competitive customized home furnishing industry plagued by homogeneity, XIFF recognizes that sustainable and scalable growth is paramount. Mr. Jiang,XIFF’s president, stressed that to boost production scale and minimize manual intervention is key to efficiency enhancement. Early challenges for XIFF included store traffic and order efficiency. However, since partnering with Coohom, their 3D cloud design has significantly improved drawing efficiency and provided a seamless user experience, yielding substantial benefits for XIFF’s terminals.

XIFF Whole House visualization

Therefore, when backend manufacturing became a new challenge for XIFF’s scalable development, and upon discovering Coohom’s compatibility with order splitting software, XIFF promptly embraced “Smart Manufacturing.” They became among the first to explore the integrated design-to-production path, preparing thoroughly for the next growth phase. Mr. Jiang provided the following reasons for choosing Coohom:

  1. No need to replace backend software. Coohom’s design data seamlessly integrates with backend woodworking.
  2. Sustainable support for XIFF’s scalable development strategy. Coohom’s open and compatible enterprise positioning ensures XIFF’s development without hindrance.
  3. Professional customer success service team. Coohom provides comprehensive online and offline technical training and software after-sales support.
  4. Instant quoting. Coohom enables XIFF to obtain product price lists for all categories with a single click, making product pricing data more intuitive.
  5. One-click export of CAD drawings. Professional-grade construction drawings ensure worry-free installation and delivery.

XIFF has steadfastly weathered the challenges of the past three years, including the pandemic. Leveraging products such as the Coohom AI assistant and intelligent diagnostics, we aim to enhance drawing efficiency, inspire design creativity, and provide intelligent error correction,” stated Mr. Jiang. He believes that this year poses significant challenges for XIFF, but in times of uncertainty, it is crucial to strengthen internal capabilities. Looking forward to the next year, we anticipate great achievements!

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