“I believe in the power of young minds and their abundance of great ideas. Tools shouldn’t restrict your work; they should empower us. Let’s use them to express our ideas clearly through captivating images.”

Inspiration for Becoming an Architecture Influencer

My journey into becoming an influencer in the field of architecture began with a deep-seated interest nurtured since childhood. After graduating from the Faculty of Architecture at Chulalongkorn University, I transitioned into practicing as an architect. Alongside, I found myself drawn to teaching and guiding aspiring students preparing for entrance exams. This dual role provided me with invaluable experiences and a profound connection with the realm of education.

As I continued my professional journey, I felt a growing desire to create a platform for teaching young individuals about design, particularly utilizing computer-based tools. I observed a common challenge among many – while they possessed innovative ideas, they often struggled to effectively communicate them due to limitations in utilizing design tools.

In the past, professionals relied heavily on manual drawing and drafting skills for communication. However, with the advent of digital tools, new avenues for design emerged. Despite this, many individuals lacked the necessary skills to leverage these tools to their full potential, hindering their ability to realize their creative visions.

Driven by the belief that design tools should empower rather than constrain, I embarked on a mission to democratize knowledge about software and technology. My aim was to make this knowledge easily accessible, fostering a more conducive environment for design innovation.

I envisioned my channel as a valuable learning resource, not just for budding architects but for anyone interested in the field of architecture. My goal was to equip individuals with the skills and confidence to effectively communicate their ideas and works.

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Evolution of Portfolio Creation: Then vs. Now

The methods of portfolio creation has undergone significant evolution over the years. In the past, portfolios primarily served as a showcase of one’s work, often lacking in organization and depth. However, in today’s context, portfolios are expected to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of design concepts and their practical application. Institutions and universities now seek portfolios that encompass both design conceptualization and production, reflecting applicants’ readiness and potential to excel in their studies.

With the dawn of 2024, the criteria for crafting portfolios have become more stringent, demanding a higher standard of excellence and creativity from applicants.

Crafting Portfolios with Coohom

Coohom presents itself as a promising tool for portfolio creation, particularly for individuals with varying levels of design proficiency. Its intuitive interface and diverse range of equipment and materials make it accessible to both novice users and seasoned professionals alike.

I’ve noticed a growing number of young enthusiasts utilizing Coohom to showcase their work. Its ability to generate near-perfect 3D images simplifies the process of communicating design ideas effectively. Unlike traditional design software, Coohom eliminates the need for extensive learning curves, allowing users to dive straight into the creative process.

What sets Coohom apart is its layout generation feature. By leveraging AI technology, Coohom streamlines the process of schematic design, providing users with multiple layout options tailored to their specifications. The AI-generated layouts are not only reasonable but also offer practical insights into spatial arrangements and design feasibility.

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Naraviriyakul’s Project, rendered using Coohom

Favorite Function in Coohom

Coohom truly shines in its ability to generate interior layouts, making it an invaluable asset during the schematic design phase. This feature streamlines decision-making by swiftly presenting various layout options based on specified room names and types, all thanks to Coohom’s sophisticated AI algorithms. The result? Well-rounded and practical layouts that seamlessly align with users’ design visions.

Having experimented with numerous design programs, I find Coohom to be exceptional due to its consistently sensible outcomes generated through AI tasks. Whether it’s ensuring proper distances, sizes, or placements, Coohom’s AI algorithms excel in producing layouts that blend functionality with aesthetics.

In my professional practice, I often rely on both Coohom’s AI templates and generators to explore fresh ideas and visualize design possibilities effortlessly.

Coohom’s Ideal Users

If I were to recommend Coohom to a specific audience, it would be to the general public, particularly prospective clients and young design enthusiasts. Coohom’s user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it accessible to individuals of all skill levels. I believe that younger students, in particular, would benefit from experimenting with Coohom to explore their passion for design. Its ability to bridge communication gaps and facilitate visual understanding makes it an invaluable tool for anyone interested in design exploration.

Whether you’re contemplating hiring an architect or simply looking to redesign your space, Coohom offers a platform for effortless design communication. I encourage everyone to try their hand at organizing their own bedroom layout or experimenting with different design ideas using Coohom. By doing so, you’ll not only break free from design limitations but also gain a deeper understanding of design principles.

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Naraviriyakul’s Project, rendered using Coohom

Final Thoughts

I urge everyone to explore the endless possibilities offered by Coohom. As someone who has experienced firsthand the joys of using this platform, I can attest to its transformative potential. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice designer, Coohom offers a seamless design experience that aligns with the standards of your work.

I’ve witnessed the Coohom team’s unwavering dedication to continuous improvement, and I am deeply impressed by their commitment to innovation. As you embark on your design journey, rest assured that Coohom will be there every step of the way, evolving alongside your needs and aspirations.

I’ve recently launched a TikTok channel where I share tips and tutorials on various software, including architecture-related content, my channel is called @bskilled.tips . I invite you all to join me on this journey of exploration and discovery as we harness the power of Coohom to unlock our creative potential.

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