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[Sticky] Welcome to our forums! Please introduce yourself  

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Hola, Welkom, Привет, Salut, Vítejte, Gruß, 환영합니다, Willkommen, Hoi, नमस्ते, Nazdar, Bienvenue, Witamy, ハワイ, Hej, Živjo, 拝啓, Velkommen, Cześć, Oi, 您好, Saudações, ようこそ, Salve, مرحبا, Benvenuto, Pozdrav, Hoşgeldiniz, Gegroet, Salutacions, Benvingut, הי, Saludos, Привет, Hei, Bemvindo, Hälsningar, Приветствую, Hi, Bienvenido, Välkommen, Saluto, अभिवादन, Dobrodošli, Tervetuloa, Pozdrowienia, Salutation, ברכות…


There are so many awesome coohomers on this forum that we think it’s important to create a space for you to share a little more about who you are and all the cool things you - yes you - are up to! 

Some questions you may answer to get your juices flowing…feel free to really add anything you would like to - as it relates to this thread!

  • Who are you? (show us those pearly whites :smiley: — to start, just one photo if you please )
  • What is your industry and profession?
  • Where do you use Coohom? Personally/professionally?
  • Why do you use Coohom and what is your favorite thing about it? (Besides using it to impress the babes/bros…)
  • How proficient are you in Coohom? Beginner, intermediate, advanced?
  • What is your current set up?
  • Anything else you would like to tell us? 
  • What is your favorite Emoji?

Let’s get this party started! Woot! :tada: You might notice that this thread is quite long by now… if you’d like to skip ahead, simply click on the bottom of the timeline directly to the right of this post.

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